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How to Cope with Public Speaking Nerves

1. Remember that people can’t see how you feel. Act as if you’re feeling calm and no-one will know how nervous you are inside.

2. Before speaking, visualise yourself giving a great talk and capturing the audience’s full attention. Often we create what we imagine in life.

3. Use positive self-talk. You need to be there for yourself at this time, and to affirm that “you can do it”, and that you’re going to do well. Don’t undermine your confidence or be self-critical.

4. Recognize that a degree of anxiety in normal, and is experienced by all the best speakers, actors and performers. In fact, that extra dose of adrenalin can actually enable you to do your very best.

5. “To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.” Make sure “you know your stuff” and have prepared well in advance. Rehearse and practice well as that will give you confidence.

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Why Self-Hatred is a Bad Idea

1. If you currently hate, or can’t live with, yourself there’s a very good chance that you believe a lot of lies. That is, lies that you’ve been told, and then accepted for yourself.

2. There’s only one you – and you’re truly valuable. You have special gifts and talents, and life experiences. And there’s a unique role that only you can play in life.

3. There’s always someone that you matter to. Even though, when we’re depressed, that is sometimes hard to see. You really matter to someone – and they truly care for you.

4. Even when things go wrong there is still a chance for change. There is hope for everyone – and change is possible. Keep on looking, keep on trying … and one day you will get there.

5. You were made to be loved and experience happiness. It is part of who we are – to keep living and keep dreaming. You deserve to find fulfilment – so don’t give up on yourself.   

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What Makes a Good Friend?

1. Shared common values

2. Equality (that is, you both put the same amount into the relationship, and both benefit equally from the friendship)

3. Sharing common interests and activities.

4. Sharing common struggles; having gone through things together

5. Trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, and dependability

6. Being committed to each other’s happiness and personal growth

7.  Respecting each other’s principles; someone who never asks you to compromise, or go against, your values

8. Someone you can laugh and have fun with

9. Someone who believes in you “no matter what”   

10.  Someone who’s a good influence on you, and inspires you to be your best.

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