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Self Care


1. Consciously teach yourself to relax, and practice relaxation as soon as you feel stressed.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

3. A warm shower or bath can help our muscles to relax, and can help ease the tension in our body and mind.

4. Talking with someone who accepts us as we are…

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How to Connect Through Open Body Language


1. Be sensitive to body space. Don’t stand too far away from the person, or fold your arms across your chest. That sends the message “I don’t want to get close”. At the same time, don’t invade the person’s space – as standing too close is highly threatening.

2. Maintain steady but soft eye…

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7 Myths about Anxiety

1. Only weak people feel anxious and afraid
2. People who look confident don’t battle strong emotions
3. Anxiety is something that will plague you all your life
4. It will stop you from succeeding and achieving goals you’ve set
5. If you can just avoid “those triggers” you will have a happy life
6. Most social situations will always provoke dread
7. It means that others see you as being inferior.

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10 Reasons why Relationships End


1. Different values, dreams and goals

2. Different levels of commitment/ hopes and expectations for the relationship

3. Meeting someone else

4. Being too incompatible/ having few interests in common

5. Dishonesty/ having secrets (alcohol, cheating, a child by a previous relationship etc)


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