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How to Cope with anxiety when Starting University

1. Accept that it is normal, and something you’d expect.
2. Talk about your feelings with someone you know well. Don’t bury how you feel and pretend that you’re OK.
3. Look after yourself – get plenty of sleep, take time for exercise, and make sure you eat well.
4. Ask when you’re confused, or uncertain, or need help. Usually others are quite happy to help you at this time.
5. Accept that it is takes time to make some friends when you are new. But others feel the same – and they want to make friends, too.
6. Don’t expect to feel comfortable within the first few weeks. It’s a whole different world and there’s so much to learn.
7. Remember you’ve made changes and have done new things before. You can cope and survive – so just be patient with yourself.

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How to Start Loving Yourself

1. Start by being kind and gentle with yourself. There are plenty of people who would love to criticise … So be your own protector and your own best friend.
2. Choose self-love over self-hatred. Many people find they veer between these two extremes – but over time gravitate more towards one or the other (through automatic thinking and their inner dialogue) … So actively reject self-hatred, and then exercise self-love.
3. Stop being harsh and judgmental, and accept your imperfections. We’re all flawed and broken, and we all make bad mistakes.
4. Start enjoying who you are, and being alone with yourself. Embrace solitude, and the chance to be with “you”.
5. Think of all the different things you’re grateful for in life, and the people who have loved you, and have seen the good in you. As you do that, you will start to value who and what you are.

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

1. Don’t listen to the voice inside your head that tells you that you are inadequate.
2. Don’t hang out with people who look for the flaws and can’t see the best in the people in their lives.
3. Recognise that each person is different and unique. There is no-one like you - and you have great attributes.
4. Take note of your efforts, and the progress you have made. You’ve already come far. You should celebrate that!
5. Appreciate others, and what you gain from them. Don’t see them as people who undermine you.
6. Remember that NO-ONE is perfect at all - and that other people struggle with the same stuff as well.
7. Go after what matters the most in this life: being loyal, and thoughtful, and caring, and kind.

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The Problem with Over-Thinking

1. It increases your anxiety, your worry, and your dread.
2. It makes you feel confused, so that it’s really hard to think.
3. It can blind you to “the obvious”, and what is best for you.
4. It can keep you feeling stuck so that you wait too long to act.
5. It can interfere with hearing what your heart says you should do.
6. Thus, it can limit your success as you’re afraid to take that step!

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What Memorable People do Differently

1. They don’t just talk – they act

2. They force themselves to experiment with lots of different experiences

3. They do spontaneous, crazy, fun things

4. They care about others – and act to make a difference in their lives

5. They’re a person, not a resume

6. They try, make mistakes, then get up and try again.

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