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When You’re Fighting Depression …

1. Remind yourself that thoughts and feelings aren’t facts. Often we think extreme and negative things – which are not completely true in reality. Try to get perspective and to be more balanced – and try to counteract accusing, negative thoughts.

2. Be patient, understanding and gentle with yourself. When you’re fighting depression or are feeling overwhelmed then that uses up a lot of your energy. Accept that today is going to be harder and put fewer expectations and demands upon yourself.

3. Do one small thing as it will help you to get moving - and you’ll start feel more hopeful as you see yourself make some progress. Also, keeping yourself busy will interrupt your thinking, and will help stop your feelings from getting even worse.

4. Although it’s not usually helpful to isolate ourselves, be wise in the people that you choose to be around. If other people are too happy – or too harsh and critical – it will compound your feelings of negativity. Instead, try and spend time with people who are gentle and calm, and who help you feel accepted and more positive.

5. Remember that tomorrow could be a better day. You just need to find the energy to make it through today.

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How to Care for an Introvert

1. Respect their need for privacy and to spend time on their own.

2. Be careful never to embarrass them in public.

3. When they are in a new situation, allow them to stand back, and watch what’s going on.

4. Allow them time to process what you’re asking or saying. Don’t demand an answer right away.

5. Be patient if they hesitate to find the right words – and never interrupt while they are speaking.

6. If you are going to change or cancel plans, give them plenty of prior notice.

7. Allow them to practice and perfect skills alone.

8. Correct or challenge them privately – never in front of an audience.

9. Don’t force them to hang out with a crowd of people, or expect them to amass a lot of friends. A few good friends is more comfortable for them.

10. Don’t try to turn them into an extrovert. Respect them for being exactly who they are.

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Signs of a Wounded Heart

1. A wounded heart struggles with feeling accepted.
2. A wounded heart is constantly trying to protect itself from further pain.
3. A wounded heart feels it must always be perfect.
4. A wounded heart finds it hard to trust.
5. A wounded heart finds it hard to receive love.
6. A wounded heart feels inferior and inadequate.
7. A wounded heart expects rejection and abandonment.

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How to Deal with Feelings of Loneliness

1. Remember that we all feel lonely at times – and many feel lonely a lot of the time.

2. Find something you enjoy and that interests you. Being absorbed in your passion can change the way you feel.

3. Don’t think that sex will help to fill the emptiness. It won’t bring lasting meaning or fulfilment to your life. In fact, you’re likely to feel lonelier, and more dissatisfied.

4. Even if you’re in a happy, and strong, relationship you can’t expect your partner to meet your every need. We still need other friends, and other things that we can do.

5. Make sure that you’re not living in some kind of fantasy – through films, TV characters, or form being online. It’s an imaginary world that can never satisfy. You need to live in the real world and work on real relationships.

6. Don’t wait for other people to phone or contact you. Call your friends, or arrange something for everyone to do.

7. Don’t turn to drugs or alcohol to block out how you feel. That’s a temporary solution – and won’t help in the end.

8. If you’re afraid of getting close as you’ve been hurt in the past consider getting counselling or psychotherapy. You can heal from your scars, and you can learn to trust again.

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