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7 Myths about Anxiety

1. Only weak people feel anxious and afraid
2. People who look confident don’t battle strong emotions
3. Anxiety is something that will plague you all your life
4. It will stop you from succeeding and achieving goals you’ve set
5. If you can just avoid “those triggers” you will have a happy life
6. Most social situations will always provoke dread
7. It means that others see you as being inferior.

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10 Reasons why Relationships End


1. Different values, dreams and goals

2. Different levels of commitment/ hopes and expectations for the relationship

3. Meeting someone else

4. Being too incompatible/ having few interests in common

5. Dishonesty/ having secrets (alcohol, cheating, a child by a previous relationship etc)


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How to be your own best friend

1. Treat yourself the way you would treat a person who you loved, highly valued, and cared about.
2. Always love yourself – no matter what!
3. Only say positive, compassionate, understanding and affirming things about, and to, yourself.
4. Hold your own hand in tough and stressful times. Don’t abandon yourself, or let yourself down.
5. Respect yourself, and the efforts that you’re making to be a better person, and to change and to grow.
6. Understand your limitations, be patient with yourself. Accept that it takes time to master anything at all.
7. Be kind to yourself when you feel self-critical, or you want to be judgmental and hard on yourself.

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10 Tips for Making New Friends


1. Listen to people when they’re talking; show an interest in what they have to say.

2. Make an effort to remember peoples’ names and use them the next time you meet them.

3. Follow up with people you are interested in staying in touch with. Call them up, send them an email or arrange to meet…

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