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Overcoming Feelings of Hopelessness

1. Questions your feelings of hopelessness: If you simply accept your thoughts of hopelessness then they’ll end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, start by accepting your assumptions could be wrong … then use that to experiment with acting differently – as if things might work out, or things might actually go well. For example, go out with your friends even if you’re feeling down and are tempted to just stay at home on your own. It may feel like a battle – but it’s worth a try as you may find you feel better for challenging your thinking.
2. Try something new: Although you might feel you’ve tried everything you can (counselling, therapy, different kinds of medication) it’s likely that there’s something you could still give a try. For example, there are different types of therapy – so try a different one. Have you combined medication with counselling? Have you changed your thought patterns for a period of a month? Have you joined a self help group to increase your support?
3. Identify the things that aren’t totally hopeless: Don’t get stuck by fixating on the things that you can’t change. Start to focus instead on things that you can change. For example, if you’re ex has dumped you and is now with someone else, think about the other things you can now do with your time, and the steps you can take to meet someone completely new. Don’t bang your head against a wall – look for a door that’s swinging open.
4. Realize that no one thing is necessary to be happy: If you find yourself thinking “I can’t live without him” or “if I can’t have x then there’s no point going on”. That clearly not the case as there once was a time in life when you managed pretty well without that person or thing. You can live without them now – and work on having a great life!
5. Learn to appreciate the present: The past has gone and the future isn’t here. So focus on your attention on the present, and this moment. Feel the air touching your body; smell the fragrance in the garden; notice the pattern of your breathing; hear the sounds in the room. Really live this moment … don’t try and rush ahead … and you may also find that the hopelessness subsides.

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7 Insights for your Life

1. Make peace with your past so it doesn’t wreck your future. You are not who you were, or what happened to you.
2. What other people think is irrelevant to you. Don’t give them a thought. Go ahead and live your life.
3. Things will look different in a month or two from now. Just give it time, and be patient with yourself.
4. Don’t allow others to determine your worth. Believe in, and love, and respect yourself.
5. Don’t compare your journey with the journey of others. We start from different places, and everyone’s unique.
6. Try not to overthink things. It only keeps you stuck.
7.Smile, enjoy the moment, and live life to the full..

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The thing about life is that you must survive. Life is going to be difficult, and dreadful things will happen. What you do is move along, get on with it, and be tough. Not in the sense of being mean to others, but being tough with yourself and making a deadly effort not to be defeated.
Katherine Hepburn

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7 Weird Fun Facts

1. The average person takes approximately 5 million breaths a year.
2. Months which start on a Sunday always have a Friday the 13th in them.
3. Your feet contains one quarter of the bones in your body.
4. If there was no colorant in Coca-Cola, the drink would actually be green.
5. There are no naturally occurring blue foods (Blueberries are purple, not blue.)
6. 11% of the world’s population is left handed.
7. On average, a person spends 2 weeks of their life waiting for the traffic lights to change to green.


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