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How to Cope with Change

1. See it as a process, not a one time event. When you make a change in your life, there are lots of small adaptations to be made. It takes time to process and adjust to those changes – so be patient with yourself.

2. Change the way you think about change. Try to see it in a positive light. Even although there are lots of negatives and challenges, you’re likely to benefit in the end.

3. Face your feelings, and especially the negative ones. If you don’t, they’ll simmer beneath the surface and make it harder for you to cope. Feelings are neither good nor bad. They just are. If you feel bad, you feel bad!

4. Notice any areas where you have control as that will help you to feel less trapped or boxed in.

5. Pay attention to your thoughts and attitudes – and choose to look for the positives, and to frame uncertainties in a hopeful way.

6. Stay in touch with people who care, and can act as a support in this time of change.

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7 Benefits of Change

1. It grows you as a person as you gain new insights and learn new lessons.
2. It keeps us adaptable and flexible which are beneficial traits in all areas of life.
3. It helps us to see life from a new perspective, and challenges old values and points of view.
4. It helps to makes you stronger as you have to leave behind what was previously familiar, and made you feel secure.
5. It opens up new doors of opportunity that you never would have walked through if you’d just stayed as you are.
6. It develop your resources and creativity as you have to learn new things, and to change your old routines.
7. It provides a new beginning where you turn a fresh clean page, and write on a fresh slate, and start to reinvent yourself.

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Why Change is Good for Us

1. It stops life becoming predictable and boring
2. It offers us new challenges and opportunities
3. It forces us to move outside our comfort zone
4. It makes us more flexible and adaptable
5. It helps is to appreciate the things we truly value
6. It helps us to grow, and to have a fuller life.

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