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What your handwriting says about your personality

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, produces a personality profile by studying a person’s handwriting. Here’s how it pieces together a picture of the person “behind the pen.”

1. Begin by looking at the handwriting in general. What are the outstanding features? How much emotional energy does the writer appear to have? This is determined by assessing how much pressure is applied by the pen to the paper. Is the writing light or dark? Heavy pressure and dark writing are associated with vitality and confidence

2. Check out the slant of the writing. This tells you something about the way the writer responds to external pressures. A right slant (////) indicates a person whose heart rules their head.  They are caring, warm and friendly. A vertical slant (llll) indicates a person whose head rules their heart. This is someone whose emotions are controlled. A left slant (\) indicates an individual who hides their emotions, and is generally aloof, cold and detached.

3. Look at how straight their writing is. Graphologists believe that a very straight baselines means the person has perfectionist tendencies and tend to be over disciplined. A very wavy baseline means the person is unstable, and on an emotional roller coaster. An ascending baseline indicates a positive and optimistic personality. A descending baseline indicates that the person is tired, pessimistic or depressed. A slightly wavy, but generally level, baseline indicates a balanced personality.

4. Examine the size of the writing. Small writing is a sign of someone who can concentrate for long time periods, and is not easily distracted. This person prefers to work alone, is hard working, focused and self-motivated. Average size writers work at a “normal” pace, and are not overly interested in the details. People with large handwriting are more easily distracted.

5. Look at the spacing between the words.  Average spacing indicates a relatively laid back and confident person. Compressed writing indicates a person who always likes to be around others and wide spacing indicates a person who prefers to live a more isolated life.

Note: These are only general principles as our can mood affect our handwriting as well – but we still have a typical handwriting style.

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