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Some signs that you may be in love

You’ve been in a lot of relationships before but never really felt that it was something that would last. But this time things are different … and you’re starting to think that maybe this person could be “the one” for you. So what are the signs that indicate that you’re in love? 

1. You never think about your ex any more: When a relationship first ends, we often think about our ex, and wonder if we made the right decision to leave. These questions and old doubts will surface periodically …. But that changes forever when you truly fall in love.
2. You can’t get him or her out of you mind: Your thoughts are always turning to the new love of your life. You feel like you’re obsessed – and think about them ALL the time. You want to buy them gifts, you think about what they might like, and they’re the last thought in your mind when you go to sleep at night.

3. You genuinely care about him or her: This is not the way you feel about a one-night stand. You really want to know them - what they think and how they feel. You care about their feelings … and if they are upset, you want to make them happy and try and ease their pain.

4. You love their little quirks: You’re intrigued and fascinated by their cute little ways. It marks them out as different, and as special, in your mind.  

5. The chemistry is there: It probably won’t last if there’s no chemistry. They have to turn your head, and make your heart skip a beat.

6. You rarely notice other women or men: You don’t tend to see, and you don’t want to flirt, with great looking people who walk into the room. They don’t seem to register on your radar screen - as your partner is the only one who holds your interest now.
7. You love every minute that you spend with him or her: You don’t really care what the two of you will do. As long as you’re together – that’s all you care about.

8. You’re happy to give in and to compromise at times:  Usually you’re stuck on all always having things your way. But it’s different with them – you’ll change your plans to suit their plans!

9. You’re willing to shift your priorities for them: All those things you HAD to do – are not such high priorities. Forget the exercise, and the nights out with your friends. Accommodating THEM is now your new priority.

10. They are part of the future you imagine for yourself: You never used to plan much beyond the next few dates - but now you find you’re planning much further down the road … And you also find your partner is included in those plans!

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