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Relationship Myths

here are a lot of myths around relationships. We look at some of the more common ones below.

1. You and your partner should see eye to eye – Since each individual is totally unique, with separate histories and life experiences, it’s normal for you both to have different points of view. Also, you want to be with someone who adds some extra spice, and has a different outlook, or slant, on life. You don’t just want a partner who’s a clone of you. Thus, value and appreciate your differences.

2. Romance is at the heart of a great relationship – Of course, romance is important and makes things come alive. But this isn’t Hollywood – we live in the real world. And though early love is great and can leave us in a spin it always, always fades, and eases off over time. But the good news is … it then turn to mature love – which is a richer, more stable and secure form of love.

3. You and your partner should like the same things – Because we’re individuals we all like different things – and there’s nothing wrong with that – we can do them with our friends. If you try to force your partner to like what you enjoy it will only lead to conflict and arguments.  

4. Couples rarely argue in a great relationship – Burying your feelings and hiding what you think could indicate an unhealthy relationship. All healthy couples argue and disagree at times. It means you can be real, and your relationship is strong. However, be careful what you say – don’t just launch a full attack. You can’t take back your words … What’s been said can’t be unsaid!

5. My partner must be perfect (or very close to perfect) – There’s no living person who will ever reach that mark. Don’t focus on their flaws or things that irritate you.  We all have imperfections and are difficult at times. Instead, remember what you liked, and the fun times you have shared.

(Note: If your partner is abusive then that changes everything. You need to walk away from the relationship today.)

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