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The 8 most hated personality traits

The eight most hated personality traits include the following:

1.Arrogance – This is the know it all who looks down on others. They’re haughty, superior and proud.

2.Rudeness – This includes being impolite, offensive, or embarrassing … and disregarding social norms and rules.

3.Being domineering and overbearing – This individual like to take control of others, and dictate situations and events. They disregard the input and the feelings of others. It’s all about them, and what they think and want to do.

4. Dishonesty This is one of the most hated traits as it undermines trust – the glue that binds relationships. And once trust has been lost it is hard to regain

5. Being moody and temperamental – It is hard to relate to temperamental individuals. They’re changeable, erratic and unpredictable. It can destroy the peace, put everyone on edge, and leave you feeling tired, worn out and drained.

6. Unreliability – This also undermines and destroys the sense of trust that’s critical for forming good, and strong, relationships. You don’t know where you are – or if the plans will later change. Hence, it’s hard to feel at ease – or to delegate to others.

7. Being overly dependent / always needing support – It’s exhausting when you always have to be there for others – to protect them from life’s blows and rebuild their self-esteem. You can’t just be yourself or focus solely on your life. You have to bolster them, and affirm their strengths and worth.

8.Pessimism – We all feel negative and fed up at times. But the pessimist can never see the sun, or silver lining. They never stop complaining, are grumpy or mad, and very quickly sap any energy you had.

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    The eight most hated personality traits include the following: 1.Arrogance – This is the know it all who looks down on...
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