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How to Recover From an Accidental Screw Up

1. Although it’s natural to feel stupid or bad, don’t stay in the pit of self hatred and despair. It doesn’t mean you’re evil, or that nobody should like you. It just means you are human, and this time you got it wrong.

2. Try and gain perspective by looking for exceptions – and remembering those times when you felt proud of yourself. The picture’s not all black – we have good as well as bad days – and other people screw up, and get it wrong, as well.

3. Accept responsibility for what you said or did – but that doesn’t mean you have to also feel ashamed. Often, saying we are sorry or admitting we were wrong will earn respect from others – so they’re happy to move on.

4. Related to this, communicate as fully as you can with those affected, and try to do your part to put things right where they’ve gone wrong. Being part of the solution will change how others see you. So don’t just withdraw,. Be as helpful as you can

5.  Also, no matter how bad the consequences of your actions, the chances are that things will get better over time. Even if things fall apart, and are awful for a while, you can still start again – it doesn’t mean this is the end.

6. Hold your head high again and don’t keep thinking of what happened. You have goals to work towards. Don’t keep thinking of the past.

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