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When you feel discouraged …

1.  Try and figure out the reasons behind it. Make a list – and then highlight the main factors.

2.  Go through your list, item by item. Try and dig more deeply for the underlying reasons. Is it because you are afraid of being seen as a failure? Is it an area that’s important to key people – so you feel they will judge your value by that? Are you afraid of disappointing and letting yourself down, or disappointing someone else who matters to you?

3.  Try and gain a broader, and more balanced, perspective. This is only tiny aspect of your life. There’s so much more to you, and your personality.

4. Think about your physical and mental health. Are you totally exhausted, run down or burnt out? Are you lacking sleep, or emotionally drained?

5. Is there someone you can talk to, who believes in you, and will help to build you up, and can see your gifts and strengths? We all need friends who can see beyond the chaos – and remind of our worth, and how valuable we are. 

6.  Reassess your plan, and maybe think about some changes. Do you need to change your goals, or re-set your expectations. As things change in life we have to make some adaptations. That may be all that’s needed for things to turn around.

7. See how you are feeling as being temporary. There’s still hope for the future! In time, things will work out.

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