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Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert?

1. Qualities and Traits of Extroverts

- Outgoing and sociable; may begin to feel down if they spend too time alone

- Active, energetic, enthusiastic and lively

- Expressive and affectionate

- Like adventure and new experiences

- Often seem courageous and confident

- Like to pursue a wide variety of interests

-  Spontaneous and impulsive

- May have a low boredom threshold

2. Qualities and Traits of Introverts

- Prefer to think more and talk less

- Prefer solitary to group activities; find it exhausting being around people all the time

- Dislike being centre stage

- Makes carefully thought out decisions (Like to have all the facts available, and have time to weigh up all the pros and cons)

- More subdued and less excitable; may appear to be lacking in energy and enthusiasm

- May seem shy, detached and hard to get to know

- Prefers to focus on a few key interests than to be involved in a lot of different things

- Are good at amusing themselves.

3. Qualities and Traits of Ambiverts

Although many individuals will tend to demonstrate either more extroverts or introverts personalities, many others will feel they are a mixture of the two. These types of people are known as ambiverts. That is, ambiverts display the traits of introverts in some situations, and extroverts in others.

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