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How to Cope with Feelings of Jealousy

1. Recognise that these feelings are perfectly normal, and are something that we all have to face at times (even if that person is a really good friend.)

2. Look at what’s going on with your own self-esteem. Are you feeling worthless and inadequate? Do you feel as if you’ve nothing to offer to the world? Are you disappointed in your school results? Are you feeling lonely, left out or overlooked?

3. Make a list of the things that you feel positive about. That is, the traits and successes that you feel good about. For example, those could be some small things that still leave you feeling proud, or some nice things you have done, or your unique, creative style. Also, write down the compliments that others have paid you – especially those from people you respect, like or admire.

4. Turn the jealousy around, and use that person to inspire you to keep on growing in some positive ways. You are someone with potential – and you’re also someone special - so don’t be afraid to take some risks, and stretch yourself.

5. Finally, remember all the reasons why you’re friends with that person. Remember all the laughter and the good times you have shared. We are not in competition – everyone has their own journey. Enjoy being friends, and put the other stuff aside.     

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