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How to Break a Habit

1. Make up your mind to do things differently. Make the decision to turn this thing around. You have all the power you need, and you can make this work for you.

2. Decide to only work on one habit at a time. That focuses your mind, and will help you to succeed.

3. Design a plan that is attractive and rewarding. If the pain exceeds the gain then you may not persevere. There must be something that’s enticing to make it seem worthwhile.

4. Nuke your negative thinking. You know that things will be tough and you’ll be tempted to give up – but plan in advance so you can push through trying times. For example, imagine how you’ll feel when you are living differently, and you’ve broken with the habit, and are basking in success.

5. Know the worst times of day, and the times you struggle most. Then come up with a plan so you can cope better with those. But … make sure your ideas work, and are attractive enough, as it’s hard to keep on going when we’re low on energy.

6. Keep it simple. A harsh or complex plan can be hard to implement. But making simple changes feels much more doable. (Also, remind yourself “it’s easy – and it’s not that hard to do.”)

7. Notice your successes. And reward yourself with that. Your effort’s paying off – and you are closer to your goal.

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