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Ways to Increase your Happiness

1. Don’t indulge in negative self-talk. Of course you’re less than perfect. All of us are. But you also have good points and things that you do well. Focus on your growth and your positive traits. Affirm your different strengths, and be glad that you are you!

2. We all need support when we’re feeling sad or down, but some individuals are always negative. Try and minimize the time you spend with those who like to whine – or take a different line and turn the conversation round (so the emphasis is on what is good and positive).

3. Think of all things you are grateful for – and show appreciation and gratitude to others.  

4. Try to see the bigger picture, and keep things in perspective. We all have ups and down – it’s just called life experience!

5. Don’t allow other people to control how you react. Decide that you’ll respond – and thus maintain your dignity. That way, you’ll feel more powerful and you’ll have more self respect.

6.  Decide to be laid back,  and try to take life in your stride. Who wants to be uptight or feel they’re pressurised and stressed?

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