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How to Become a Better Leader

1. Develop a democratic style of leadership. Listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Also, guard against arrogance and ask for advice.

2. Welcome and learn from constructive criticism – and be able to give it in a sensitive way.

3. Remember that you’re pulling together as a team. Thus, identify and use the gifts and talents of others, and encourage everybody to play a vital role.

4. Learn how to manage and negotiate conflicts as this is part and parcel of all relationships. That is, we’re different and unique - and so see things differently – and this can lead to tensions in relationhips.

5. Be a role model of those positive traits you hope to develop, and to see, for in your team.

6. Be enthusiastic and passionate. Those are traits that are contagious - and inspiring as well.

7. Be lavish with your praise and affirm other’s successes, their efforts, contributions and commitment to shared goals.

8.  Give others your attention and listen carefully. Focus fully on both verbal and nonverbal cues.

9. Maintain a positive attitude. Expect the best from others, and encourage them to try. Support them in their efforts, and believe in their success.

10. Keep looking for new ways to motivate the team. Inspire, encourage and affirm them constantly.

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