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Helpful Tips for Handling Criticism

1. Try and understand the other person’s perspective. They may just be feeling down, or be having a bad day, or there may be some truth in what they have to say. Don’t write them off, and dismiss them right away - but listen and process what they have to say.

2. Don’t jump to being defensive. Try and learn what you can. But also weigh what they are saying – as they could have got it wrong!

3. Don’t accept criticism from those you don’t respect. They’re view’s not trustworthy – don’t take them seriously.

4. Work on delaying your immediate reaction. Don’t respond right away – work on feeling more detached. That will lessen the emotion so your mind stays in control!

5. Where appropriate … admit that you were wrong as we all make mistakes. It makes you seem more secure as well as more self-confident. Also, it removes the emotions and will calm the person down.

6. Be proud of yourself if you’ve taken a risk. Even if it went badly, it is good that you have tried!    

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