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The Natural Strengths of an Extrovert

1. Extraversion is viewed positively in Western society. That is, people tend to react warmly and favourably towards extroverts as they’re easy to work with and to socialise with.

2. Research[1] appears to indicate that extroverts enjoy higher levels of subjective happiness. This is good for them – and also brightens their relationships with other people.

3. Those with higher levels of positive emotions tend to have higher self-esteem, and fewer issues with low self worth.

4. Extroverts feel at ease in groups, in crowds, with new people, and when they are the centre of attention. These social situations cause them much less stress – and may actually bring out the best in them.

5. They tend to be enthusiastic, vivacious, friendly, inclusive and help to put other people at their ease. They often help to lessen tension and anxiety at work, at parties, social situations, and so on.

6. They readily help out and participate in community events. They make good leaders, team members, coaches, encouragers and motivators.

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