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Did you know?

1. Being too excited or relaxed can interfere with test performance.

2. Getting paid for your hobbies may reduce your overall enjoyment and creativity.

3. After exercising self-control, we’re more likely to make impulse purchases.

4. Some controversial research finds people live longer if they’re slightly overweight.

5. Smiling can make you feel happier and frowning can create negative feelings.

6. Lie detector tests can be fooled by biting your tongue.

7. Our brains have special mirror neurons that help us identify with what others are feeling, and to imitate their actions.

8. People with high emotional intelligence (EI) are often more successful than people with high intelligence (IQ).

Source: Huffman, K. (2010). Psychology in Action.(9th ed.) New York: John Wiley & Sons, p.408.

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