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How to Ace Exams

1.Start studying well in advance. Cramming doesn’t allow you to ask questions, or to get help with things you don’t quite understand.

2.Plan your studying. For example, each night write down what you intend to cover the next day – both in general and specific terms. (The main areas and their subparts.)

3. Set up “a study area”. It doesn’t have to be somewhere special. It can be a section of your room, or the dining room table. However, it should be an area free of distractions, and a place where you can always leave and find your materials (pens, paper, textbooks, notes ets.)

4. Keep your mind on the big picture. How much do you have to do by when? How much time do you still have left?

5. Commit to doing something every day. That will enable you to work through things at a comfortable and steady pace. You’ll find that, on the whole, that is easier to handle - and it also reduces anxiety.

6. Make notes. One of the best ways to digest material is to summarise it in your own words.  Also, rote repetition is not the same as learning. You need to understand the material well.

7. Don’t keep going over the material you know well. Begin with the most difficult sections, or the part you’re having trouble with, and then move on to the other stuff.

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