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Introvert or Extrovert?

Common Introversion Traits

·         Good self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-awareness

·         Thinks and feels deeply

·         Chooses their words carefully; gives considered responses

·         Is interested in the details; wants a thorough understanding of things

·         Is hesitant to shares their thoughts and feelings (unless it is someone they deeply trust)

·         Is guarded and “hard to read”

·         Tends to be more distant and reserved in large groups. or when they are with people they don’t know

·         Can be outgoing, entertaining and gregarious around friends and family

·         Learn best through observation (but need time to process their thinking, and to reach a deep and more complex understanding)

·         Cautious; weighs the risks

·         Tends to be more melancholic and to see the glass as being “half empty”

Common Extroversion Traits

·         Warm, friendly, welcoming and inclusive

·         Highly sociable; often a party animal

·         Is comfortable around people they don’t know well

·         Seeks adventure, novelty and excitement

·         Tends to be impulsive and thinks less carefully about long term consequences

·         Confident, persuasive and, often, assertive

·         Cheerful, optimistic and good natured

·         Tends to be more of a “glass half full” individual

·         Talkative

·         Readily shares their thoughts, feelings and opinions; wears their heart on their sleeve

·         Is comfortable being the center of attention

·         Action oriented; learns best through doing or trying

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