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Self Care

1. Consciously teach yourself to relax, and practice relaxation as soon as you feel stressed.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

3. A warm shower or bath can help our muscles to relax, and can help ease the tension in our body and mind.

4. Talking with someone who accepts us as we are – and is nonjudgmental – is highly therapeutic.

5. Recognise that there are things that are outside our control – and there are some situations that we simply cannot change.

6. Reward and indulge yourself with things that you enjoy so you feel respected and valued as a person. (For example, buy some clothes you love, or get your hair and nails done)

7. Make an effort to establish and maintain a work/ life balance. You need to make time for your hobbies, and to hang out with your friends.

8. Organise your time, and prioritise your tasks.  You’ll feel a lot less anxious if you get things done on time.

9.  Recognise that you have limits and enforce your boundaries. If you live with too much pressure you will end up overwhelmed.

10. Keep a sense of humour – smile and laugh throughout the day.

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